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Thursday, October 26, 2006

It finally hit me. The exhaustion has just taken over.

Attempting to translate the Tax Code and wrap my head around forty years of complex asbestos class action law suits while simultaneously getting in touch with a woman who was captured by the Taliban for a thirty page research pape I am writing AND hand-holding eleven students in their memo research...is kinda killing me. I'm not real sure who said third year was supposed to be easy, but they were full of it. Additionally, confronting a student who may/may not be cheating and also fighting with my fellow committee members about how our Class of 2007 gift should be spent made for a rough few days. Add on the fact that I am intaking only 1300 calories a day and I am generally moody due to my current relationship situation...well, you have a pretty worn down Law-Rah right about now.

My mind is so spent, I cannot do/think/read/write/huh? I poured myself a glass of wine when I got home from school at 11pm and I am physically too tired to drink it.

Good night.