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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Anger Management (blogger input needed)

Over the past few Pissy Tuesdays, I have found that many share my angst over this long dreadful day-o-stress. And everyone seems to have stories of things that work their nerves to the point of wanting to scream. What better place to vent your stories than WonL on Pissy Tuesday, right?

I will start off with a little story about law school elevator ettiquitte. The background: Lerner hall has four floors. The stairwells are barely wide enough to fit people walking in opposite directions and therefore can be a frustrating experience. However, the elevator seems to have been designed and installed in 1930 and I think there may actually be a little man with a pulley at the top because the Lerner elevator is so slooooooooowwwwww. This means that people usually reserve their elevator use for trips from Floor 1 to Floor 4. The only other stops permissible are for elderly, girls in really spikey heels (which is a post for another day) or injured students. If ever you get onto the elevator on Floor 2 and off on Floor 3, expect people to hate you. Furthermore, if I am on the elevator and it is pissy tuesday, expect me to say something to you. Now, to my story:

Myself and a stranger get onto the slow Lerner elevator on Floor 1 and push the button for Floor 4. For whatever reason, elevator heads down to the basement. At this point, doors open and two chatty 1Ls with rolly bags come into view. NotCool1L steps onto the elevator as Cool1L says "oh, I'm only going to Floor 1, I don't want to make y'all stop for me. I will take the stairs" and does not get on the elevator. (I immediately have a newfound respect for Cool1L with the rolly bag.) Doors close and NotCool1L (who got on the elevator even after her friends announcement), pushes the button for Floor 1. Stranger and I look at each other in disbelief. Didn't she just hear her friend? She cannot claim to not know the ruless? I assure you, I am normally the first person to speak up and say "really, only one floor?" For some reason, in this instance, I kept my mouth shut. I guess I was just so shocked. Instead, I stood there and silently hoped this girl felt guilty and lazy the entire four minutes between the basement and the first floor. Up. Up. Up. First floor...doors open. Stupid freaking NotCool1L just stands there. She does not get off the dang elevator. In fact, she gazes out of the open doors as if "someone" accidentally pushed the wrong button. Yeah, jackass, you did! At this point, stranger cannot hold it in anymore and starts sighing and shaking her head in disbelief. I think that NotCool1L knew she was the most annoying person in the law school because she ended up riding the entire way up to Floor 4 with us, probably scared to push another button.

So, anyone piss you off lately?