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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Musical Saturday

As noted below, I failed miserably at my attempt to be anti-social and study this weekend. That continued last night when a friend of mine called with more tickets:
"Law-Rah, I realize you are studying, but um, tonight..."
"I'm not going."
"Well, we have this extra ticket..."
"I'm not going."
"It's to the Aerosmith concert."
"Motley Crue is opening for them."
"I'm in!"

Hey Tommy, check that out. What, Vince, where?
Nissan Pavillion is always good for people watching. I'm sure you can imagine how much more interesting things get at Nissan when the people are there to see Motley Crue and Aerosmith. We saw more old people making out than I ever cared to see. Ever. Oh, and the mullets. The curly-haired-back shaved-top rattail-included mullets. And the pleather. So much pleather. Went well with the abundance of Motley Crue shirts.

Seasons must change. Separate paths separate ways.
Sigh. Vince Neil. I used to have posters of him on my walls when I was a kid. I just knew in my heart that Without You was meant for me. When I grew up, I wanted to be one of his dancers. Then someone told me you needed boobs for that and let's just say I was not so well endowed back in the mid-80's. (I was also like ten years old.) Even though my life turned out a bit differently than I had dreamed, I did really enjoy re-living my childhood to Dr. Feelgood, Girls Girls Girls, Same Ol' Situation, Wild Side, Rattlesnake Shake, & Home Sweet Home. The Crue also played some of their newer stuff, which I can honestly (and thankfully) say that I had never heard. Their pyrotechnics and videography on the big screen was pretty amazing. Vince is kinda, um, old and raspy now. He did mention he was losing his voice, but I have decided just to remember him and the Crue the way they were twenty years ago. At one point, I got nostalgic and called my older brother (whose tapes I used to steal...yes, I said tapes) and tell him where I was. He said "man, that venue must be pretty desperate." I told him they were actually just opening for Aerosmith.

I'll tell you little secret make you want to jump and shout.
Aerosmith rocked! Unlike Vince, Steve Tyler has not changed a bit. The man is like going on 80 years old and has more energy than all the youngins I was with. He sure can command a stage. All over the place. And the music, as could be expected, was phenomenal. (This is also about the time most of the old people started making out.) I was a bit saddened that Janie Got a Gun didn't make it onto their list. I was also bummed that they waited until the encore to play Walk This Way. Ya see, me and my friends are the "get the hell out of Nissan parking area before we have to sit in traffic for two hours" kinda girls, so when the venue quits serving beer, that is our cue to leave. We did get to hear the beginning of the song on our way out. I'm not even going to attempt a recap of Aerosmith songs because they just played everything they could fit into a couple of hours. Amazing.

All in all, 'twas a great show and a wonderful addition to my anti-socializing weekend.