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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Recipe for disaster

What happens when you mix a Banana covered in Bugs, a Sports Chick, a Map-maker, a VP and Heather B then you Sweeten the pot with some Velvet (and myself)? You probably don't want to know. But it did involve a sunset at Hotel Washington's Rooftop Terrace and multiple attempts at photos. Once you add red wine and vodka-a-plenty, then you end up with an Asian man with really bad hair yelling "Shut Up!" to all the giggling blogger gals in the corner. Add a dash of racy stories and exclamations of "I'm HIV negative" and things start to bubble. To make things really interesting, tell stories of blog stalkers in the bathroom. To end the night off right, have a blogger fan club all run downstairs to see "someone" get off on a Harley. Good times.