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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wednesday is the new Pissy Tuesday

Dear Long Greasy Haired 1L Boy,
Yes, I realize that to you it may seem unfair that I am sitting alone with all my stuff spread out at a table that holds six people. I have been fighting for tables in this law school for two years now. I am a 3L now and I will not feel bad. I got here before you, deal with it.
Because I am a nice person, I will share my big table with you if you would also like to study. However, you are not allowed to invite all your friends to come talk about stupid 1L things.

Dear Friend of LGH1LB,
There is never ever a time that calling someone "Funny McMoney" would warrant a laugh. Ever.

Dear Boys sitting on Opposite Sofas,
It is not okay for you to play football in the lounge. It's a gorgeous day outside, you should go there. If I could plug my computer in the quad, rest assured I would be out there. However, I need a table...and a plug...and a lack of flying pigskin...to study. Who plays football while laying on a sofa on a day like this?

Dear Loudest Member of the J.Crew,
You must pick a spot and stay there. I am not sure if you are aware of this, but people actually see you coming and purposely sit elsewhere. That being said, you can't just up and change seats. That is soooo against the rules.