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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Wet clothes and Mr. Smooth

This is my "not doing anything social because I need to buckle down with law school" weekend. Not working so well. It is not my fault this city just has too much to offer. My will-power goes out the window when people offer me free tickets to sporting events.

Nats Thursday didn't turn out too terribly well with the weather and all. Being the super-enthused Nats fans that we are, we were out at RFK ready to tailgate quite early with the chips and dip and brownies. In the beginning it was just me and Marci since Bug and the guy with the beer and steaks were stuck in traffic. Shortly after arriving, we were joined by our friend, the torrential downpour. We assumed the game would be called on account of the weather. Silly us, right? We engaged in the longest ever trek back to the Metro with huge freezing drops of sideways rain pelting us in the face and squishy shoes and sopping wet clothes. Had we known the game would not actually be called but merely be "delayed" for FOUR HOURS, perhaps we would have stayed. Who am I kidding? Dry clothes, tailgate food and Grey's Anatomy made for a fine Thursday night.

Caps Friday was much more interesting. In this city-o-important people, everyone wants to whip out a business card, flaunt their self-proclaimed significance and be that someone that people want to know. Very few of those folks are actually worth knowing. I met one worth knowing last night...and he came with free Caps tickets...and friends with free Caps tickets. When this "Mr. Smooth" offered two free tickets, I was the first person to gracefully respond "me! me! pick me! pick me!" Luckily for me, this gentleman works PR for the Caps and has season tickets in a really really good section that he never uses. So does his friend. Good people to know. Granted, his fairly intoxicated friend did try to put his business card down my shirt...but, hey, I got the card. And I think that stunt warrants his tickets to at least one regular season game, right?