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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Commence whining post

Worst. Day. Ever.

Remember that staph infection? Ya know, the one that was supposed to be cleared up by now? Well, it's not. PLUS, apparently, when the staph-a-something-or-other bacteria crowds together and organizes itself into an infection in one's fingertip, the nearest lymph node starts working overtime. The nearest lymph node is that one securely underneath the armpit. Now, I am not sure what lymph nodes do, but apparently, when they start having to work overtime due to aforementioned infection, they swell and throb and get sore and just freaking hurt. Considering the lymph node is under my arm, it hurts when my arm hangs down by my side where it usually belongs. It also hurts to use the muscle in that area to lift said arm that is connected to said hand that contains said infected finger. My left side is just plain useless.

Want more?...I have lived in D.C. for five years and have had allergies here and there. Never to this ragweed crap though. I do so enjoy the constant sneezing that makes my left side ache even more. Oh, and I love having itchy eyes. Really, how in the hell does one scratch an eye? The itching just does not go away. My favorite part though is the headache that kicks in about five minutes before I wake up to greet me when I come out of my slumber. Every. Single. Day.

Want more?...In all my left-side pain and clogged up allergy-ness, I ventured out today to co-host a bridal shower for one of my dearest friends. Well, I sorta ventured out. I got all the way downstairs to my car to find it with a nice flat tire. I'm talking a rim-all-the-way-on-the-ground, no air left, flat tire. I went back inside...called a friend for a ride...and fixed myself a glass of vodka with a splash of soda.

Worst. Day. Ever.