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Monday, September 18, 2006

Dear Itunes,

Please fix your stupid program. You see, when I get a "there is a new version, would you like to install?" message, I naively think it is in my best interest to install what you are alerting me to. I assume you have made an already stellar program even better. I believe that the new version will be an UPGRADE. Yay for Version 7, right? Silly me, I would never imagine your new version would be utter crap. I have had to change multiple computer settings (as per advice on help websites) and my songs still skip words. Justin is not "bringing sex back" and Fergi's London Bridge does not just "wanna go". Issue a fix! Now!

Adding insult to injury, I cannot just reinstall Version 6, because it says that my "Itunes library was created by a more recent version of Itunes."

Starting Pissy Tuesday early this week,