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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pissy Tuesday

Well well well. They decide to boot a planet, I decide to mess with the calendar. I have decided that we have a new name for this day of the week. We are calling it Pissy Tuesday. Oh the joy that awaits me (and those around me) every Pissy Tuesday for the rest of the semester.

Imagine it: You arrive at school...you know the one where you pay $34k a year to attend...the one where the air conditioning doesn't work...the one where someone (Admissions I believe) has allowed in 600 new kids who take up all the valuable table space...yeah that school. So, you arrive in time for class, truck it up four flights of stairs and bump and push your way through the overcrowded hallways of very sweaty smelly people and then you sit. You sit for three back-to-back classes for over four hours. Federal Income Tax. Complex Litigation. Professional Responsibility. I can see your pangs of jealousy right now! Four long drainging hours.

Is it time to go home yet? Nope. After a two hour break, you have to sit in and listen to 75 minutes of an adjunct professor teach his section of your Legal Writing class - a class you took two years ago. He's great and the class isn't that bad, but by 8:10pm on Pissy Tuesday, well...you're just plain pissy.