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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I dropped to my knees this morning

I prayed for everyone in my homestate last year.

I prayed for everyone in my homestate this year.

I prayed for the emotional well being of the children who lived through Katrina.

I prayed for the souls of all of those who were lost.

I prayed for those who survived and were left with nothing.

I prayed for those who cannot face returning and I prayed for those who never left.

I prayed for the rebuilding of the spirit of my people.

I prayed for the economic revitalization of my homestate.

I prayed that everyone will quit bickering and blaming and come together to find solutions.

I prayed for strength during this upcoming hurricane season.

I prayed for the guilt I still feel for not being there when my friends and family needed me the most.

I prayed a prayer of thanks for the outpouring of support those in need received from fellow Americans.

I just prayed.

It is the least I can do.