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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Blog Sucks - HELP!

I had coffee with a school friend yesterday and after some idle conversation he says he wants to talk to me about "my experience in London." I quickly let him know that if he had negative things to say, he should keep them to himself. He says that he luvs me and hopes I don't take this the wrong way, but...but..."Law-Rah, your blog has become downright unreadable." I knew I was probably losing my male readers as my blog was turning into a Danielle Steele story, but "downright unreadable"? That's harsh.

I spent the rest of my day walking around Arlington with my head hung in shame. What was I doing? I had broken my number one blogging rule and it may just have cost me WonL. What do I do now? Do I try to subtly transition back to the snarky embellished dramatic writing I know so well? Would people notice? Do I just call it quits now? Do I continue writing what is in my heart knowing I am no longer communicating well with some of my most valued readers? What oh what is a girl to do? I knew I couldn't do this alone, but I didn't know where to turn. On my way home I passed a Church...a doctor's office...an acupuncturist...an oil change place. All closed. I had no where to turn so I headed home...alone...fearful of the laptop that awaited me.

I checked the mail when I got home, as I do daily. Student loan stuff that needs to be taken care of; Wachovia bill for my former roommate; credit card bill; bachelorette weekend invitation; and a package. I somberly stepped onto the elevator and surveyed this package. Looking at the return address, there was a sticker over the name, but I could see Atlanta, Georgia. Sigh. Long live the South. But, who do I know in Atlanta? It says "Sensitive Media Enclosed." What is this sensitive media?

I popped the sensitive media into my computer and was momentarily blinded by the glaring good looks of the five men on my screen. Thankfully, there was some great music to keep me entertained until the movie began. I quickly popped some popcorn and settled in for this epic thriller. I spent the rest of my evening watching and listening to the sights and sounds of the South. I saw the five most handsome men in all of Georgia using their guns, their good looks, and their sharp tongues. So intense. So real. I felt like I was there at the Playaz Ball...I was at the table gambling with the guys (and Kenny). I ate comet dusted Krispy Kremes with Phil. I was in bed with the Beaver and Bon. I, too, yelled at Tom Selleck. I wrestled with Tac. I, too, drank with the Pope. I was in the shower with the Guv'na and his soap on a rope. Most crucial, I fell in love with Wayne. The way he holds that gun. Sigh.

So, once again, just when I need help the most, the Playaz are there! They are there to remind me what blogging is all about. I promise to return to your regularly scheduled WonL programming soon!