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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My new job

Law-Rah: "So, I got a job offer from my law firm."

Ben: "That's great baby. I am so happy for you."

L: "Yeah."

B: "What do you mean 'yeah'? You are going to take it, right?"

L: "I think so. I'm just not sure right now."

B: "How can you not be sure? Do you think you will find one better?"

L: "No way. This place is amazing."

B: "Then why would you even hesitate to take it?"

L: "It's complicated."

B: "How so?"

L: (holding breath while putting cards on table) "Well, if taking this job means that you and I will not be together then I would have to think really hard about whether or not I would take this job."

B: "We will be together."

L: "Yeah, but..."

B: "Hey, I have not seen you in two weeks and I still feel like you are right beside me."

L: "Yeah, but I mean physically together. I want us to be physically beside each other."

B: "This job is good for you, right? It will be good for your career and make you happy?"

L: "Absolutely."

B: "Then, take the job. I will be beside you."

L: "Yeah, but I want..."

B: "Law-Rah, I will be beside you. Take the job. Not just in my heart, I will physically be with you."