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Monday, August 28, 2006

Tidbits on a Blog Monday

1) A couple of years ago, I went through a Craigslist phase. Oh come on, you know you have all done this! For me, it was not really an online dating thing it was more a boredom obsession. I have nothing against online dating, I just never had the nerve to meet up with the strangers. With a full time job that bored me out of my mind, I did what everyone else in DC did: I became addicted to that crazy website. Free stuff. Missed connections. Boys looking for Girls. Best of Craigslist. You name it. When I was not drafting roof details, I was buying furniture or laughing at the ads from some of the gents (and ladies) out there. One day, I came across one ad that caught my eye. The subject line read "Where are all the good Jewish girls?" Of course, I immediately thought of my good Jewish roommate. I forwarded the ad to her and told her she should email this guy and meet up. Not that my roomie was really actively looking for a relationship, but she probably thought "what the hell, can't hurt"? So she emailed him. Years later...Saturday night...while he was on one knee, he slipped a ring on her finger. Congrats Amy! I am so happy for you.

2) Go see Little Miss Sunshine. I am usually not a huge fan of going to movies because they are over-priced, some idiot always kicks my chair and not everyone bathes like I do. Plus, the movie I just paid for is usually not worth the $10. Usually. Little Miss Sunshine had me literally crying I laughed so hard. Best. Movie. In. A. Very. Long. Time.

3) I start school today. Blech.

4) Um, you know what is not fun? Finding a quiet place in the library to study for an hour then looking down to find a mouse trap 2 inches from your toes.