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Sunday, May 08, 2005

The past few days are pretty much a blur. The bulk of the people I know (myself included) have been engaging in the consumption of alcohol as a way to decompress from the stress of our first year of law school. When the drinking binge started on Thursday with "Four Beers and Four Shots for $10", we should have known things would not be pretty. I will not admit which of the below pertain to me (if any), but here are some pretty clear signs you are drinking too much:

1) Waking up in a pool of your own blood with your nose looking very "not right".

2) Not being completely sure what happened, but fairly certain it did not involve fisticuffs.

3) Making out with one of your best friend's friends who you are in law school with and who may or may not have a girlfriend.

4) Sporting your high school softball jacket at 3 o'clock in the morning.

5) Waking up, looking out of the bathroom window and seeing some guy lost in your backyard.

6) Having to clean up the red plastic beer cups from all over your house considering the party was elsewhere.

7) Having a bouncer pick you out of a crowd to specifically tell you that you are too drunk to enter the establishment.

8) Proving said bouncer correct by showing everyone that you cannot see straight enough to light your own cigarette.

9) Accidentally punching out a classmate's window.

10) When you call your friends and they answer the phone "hey drunkard, what's up?"

11) When you start to alienate people.