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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Don't attempt to communicate with me...it's for your own good

Here's proof that I have gone off the deep end...

I was reading my Georgetown friend's post about exam time mental breakdowns and got to this paragraph:

"Just the thought of getting up from my chair and walking to the kitchen inspires apprehension: "It will take so much energy! I can barely move - how can I make it all the way to the kitchen?! And once I get there, how will I find the power to get back? It's too much of a gamble; the cost would be too dear. I must not risk it." (emphasis added by me)

You are probably thinking "wow, Law-Rah must relate to that." In some ways, I relate. In some ways, I analyze. All I could think of is Torts! His use of the term "apprehension" immediately directs me to the tort of assault, however with his discussion of the "cost" and the "risk", I feel he is leaning more toward the balancing test of an unintentional tort such as negligence.

Oh my gosh, this is why I cannot have a normal conversation these days!