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Thursday, April 28, 2005



Yep, that is the first line of my Contracts exam last night. Well, at least that's what Extegrity says. I hate that software. So, one final down...three to go. I have no intention of disecting the contracts exam like I did last semester. I will say, however, I feel better than I did last semester. On the other hand, due to the forced curve...if everyone felt better than last semester, that leaves me...well, still average. Oh well. At least I answered questions like I understood the material as opposed to last semester's frantic typing of anything that came into my head. Must admit that made going over the exam with my professor quite interesting as he pointed the times I stopped thoughts in mid-sentence.

For the most part, there were no huge surprises. (As Prof Contracts likes to say "look for the friendly faces on the exam.") There were a few things I thought he would emphasize more, but were tiny questions in a bigger picture. There were also one or two "I didn't see that coming"s. (Like the fact that there were four questions and one fact pattern was two freaking pages.) Overall, though, pretty standard for him. Being such a policy-driven man, he managed to squeeze in amorphous good faith, vertical integration by ownership as opposed to by contract, consumer protection practices and their ability to retain autonomy in contracting, lowest cost avoider and any other thing you could think of policy rationales for.

I will admit to doing a lot of things differently this semester re: Contracts. First off, I found the most laid back guy in the class to go eat with before the exam, you know...the kind you really can't be stressed around. It was good to not be at school when all the people were arriving in their various flip out modes.

I also did that whole IRAC thing everyone keeps talking about. Yep, I'm the moron that thought that only pertained to LRW. I didn't know it was a real way of setting up legal thinking/writing. Hmmm...it actually did clarify a lot.

Most important thing I did is pay attention the supplement which contained all of the Restatement and UCC provisions. As someone at the bar said last night "hmm...I always wondered what that little blue book was for." That is how I took last semester...figured anything of importance in there would surely be mentioned in the casebook. Well, this time, I actually cracked it open and read some of the pertinant provisions and comments. WOW! They say things in there that I just assumed Prof. was making up this whole time. It really IS a restatement of the rules of contracting. If only someone had told me that I had listened to that from day one. Everything makes much more sense now:-)

Well, off to learn Criminal Law in a day!