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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Torts class embarrassment

Last night was our first night of class (Torts). One would think that it would not have been very different. Oh contraire, mon frère. We had a different teacher. I sat in a different seat. The book and cases are different. Did I mention that for the first time since all of this started, I was embarrassed to be in that class! Those feeling climaxed when Prof. actually asked "What kind of law school is this." This was not the typical "one kid getting called outand humiliated for not reading" scenario. This was the whole damn class getting called out! He did this right before he had to give us 5 minutes of "reading time" to read the cases that apparently almost no one in the class read. You should know that in context, his statement was made with a smile. He was actually MUCH more lenient then he should have been for such an outward display of "slackerism" on our part. (By the way, I was not the only dork in the class who had in fact read ahead of time. Looking around, I realized that the folks in my study group were all prepared. I think I got a good one!)

For a much better synopsis of last nights events, check out Idlegrasshopper. Oh, and grasshopper, after last night, I sadly admit to the inaccuracy of my earlier statements.

Random note: I think it is very funny that Blogger has a spell check function that does not recognize the word "blogger" or the word "blog".

UPDATE: Did I say I was most embarrased by MY section? Correction, I think Section 14 now gets that prize! (Neil, et al, you guys rock!)

I present a picture of the guys after their first annual moustache contest:

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