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Monday, December 13, 2004

Exam learning...summed up

1) you should really read instructions. I skipped right over the note from the professor that said that the example questions he gave us were for a semester in which he did not cover the same material. Just wasted 20 minutes analyzing which case had a relational adjustment that was hazardous...only to find we did not actually read that case (after 20 minutes I cheated and peaked at the answer)

2) the "perfect" grilled cheese sandwich becomes less perfect if you forget to take the paper off the cheese

3) a diet of coffee and blow pops makes your stomach hurt

4) my roommate really doesn't care about UCC 2-207..but found Williams v. Walker Thomas extremely interesting (could've been due to my theatrical performance of replevin...perhaps as an encore, I will throw large pieces of lumber off of the 2nd floor at my other roommate below)

5) as of study group today, there are more people that are going to do better than me than will do worse (uh-oh)

6) candle wax burns

7) some people do not like to be told when they do something wrong

8) I have a lot of split ends9) there are 30 hours (and 6 minutes) until my first exam

10) sometimes, people are on your mind whether you want them there, or not

11) I think I have an unhealthy obsession with collecting pens, markers and highlighters

12) Gourmet peaches from Oregon are extremely messy if you try to eat only the inside with a spoon not getting any of the peelings. (Unlike the photograph at the bottom, they do not hold their shape.)

13) The more law stuff I cram into my head, the less room there is for common sense.

14) If you purposely lock the door to the office so intruders cannot enter in your abscense, you should make sure to take your key with you.

15) A good friend will get you out of the house to eat sushi the night before your exam when he knows you are reading too much lawyer stuff and turning into a not fun person.

16) After 27 years, it is possible to forget how to spell your own last name.

17) It IS POSSIBLE to memorize 55 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in one night.

18) When a boy calls you on a Friday night at 12:30am, he is not calling to see how your studying is going...jerk!

19) If you have one plaintiff with numerous claims joined under rule 18(a), you CAN in fact add the claims together to reach the minimum amount of $75,000.01 in order to claim diversity jurisdiction in a federal court under 28 Sec. 1332. It's called aggregation:-)

20) DO NOT listen to this website right before attempting to go to bed!