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Thursday, November 25, 2004

What goes around comes around

Right before I left for my family Thanksgiving, I called Theresa to see if there was anything I could bring. For over three years of weekly dinners over there, I have called to ask. For over three years, they say "no, just bring yourself." This time she said "actually, you can bring a bottle of white wine." Sure thing, no problem! As I drove to the grocery store and saw they closed at 4pm (it was now 4:05) I realized there was, in fact, a problem. I headed to Eckerds. HA! First, they are closed. Second, someone tells me they don't sell wine at Eckerds. What kind of state is this? I quickly drove to the next grocery store. Yay...people still going in! I saw a guy I knew in the parking lot. I went over to say hi and wish Jeff a happy thanksgiving. In chatting, he tells me I better hurry, they are about to close. I say bye and jog inside. DAMNIT...closed. So, I head back to the car whining that all I need is a bottle of white wine. Jeff then proceeds to open his car door, grab a bottle of white wine that he had just purchased and insist that I take it. HOW NICE IS THAT? It has been a while since I have seen that sort of unconditional niceness. Long live the South:-) What a genuinely sweet thing to do...really made my Thanksgiving!

Dinner was nice. Of course, the food was amazing...always is. It was also really nice to see distant relatives that I have come to realize I actually see more than my close relatives. I do have a headache, but I think that may be from the corn rows my cousin put in my hair while we watched a movie. (She wants to know what law school people will say about my hair...yeah, we will see about that.) Decided it was well worth giving myself the day away from the books to just relax with family and friends. After all was done, I still had time to pick up a friend from the airport and grab a drink. What a great Thanksgiving.