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Monday, November 22, 2004

Pretty pictures

When I first met Samer, I was intrigued by his photography and the way he sees the world. A few years later, his pictures are still a highlight of my week. Anyone who does not know how we met, it's a story worth telling. (In fact, we re-tell this story everytime we drink with new friends:-) Anyway, I was taking a trip to Iceland, and it would be my first time leaving the country. I was doing some online research and found a website of a guy who travels to Iceland every year. Most people don't know about this amazing untouched destination, so I really enjoyed his insights. His photos were amazing! I emailed up this random guy not actually knowing anything except that his first name was Samer. I just wanted to tell him I really loved his pictures and would appreciate any advice he could offer us in terms of what to do or see. I had emailed him from my work account, trying to be all professional. He replied with some great advice, where to stay, etc. In the very last line of his email, he said "by the way, I live down the street from your work."

First thought...stalker!
Second thought...address at bottom of work email, duh!
Third thought...what a small world.

We emailed back and forth a few times about Iceland and then, I headed there with D. When we got back, I told Samer about my trip. Obviously impressed with my FIVE PAGE synopsis, he ended up booking the same hotel and the same tour. In fact, the tourguide actually remembered us...crazy Americans he almost lost on the glacier. (Okay, perhaps it was D he remembered.) He suggested when he returned and things settled down, we should meet up for a drink, look at pictures and swap stories. Admittedly, I was a bit nervous about meeting up with some random guy off the internet, but whatever. If only I had known what a freak he actually was...hehehe (kidding). Anyway, we met up at Four Courts had dinner and drinks and then it was time to go. He offered to walk me home and I said don't worry about it, I am only a few blocks from here. So, we were walking and talking. Umm, this guy is still walking with me...hmmm (back to the stalker thoughts). So, he said "where do you live"? I said "see the big building right there? I live in a townhouse right behind it." "Aaahhh," he says "see the big building right there? I live in it." He lived in the building next door! How random that of all the people in the world I could've emailed for Iceland help, I pick the guy next door. So that is how I met Samer! We still do dinner and drinks often and he is such a great friend to have. Funny how people can be brought together in the strangest of ways.

This whole story does have a point. He's traveling right now and posting his photos along the way. I wanted my friends and family to be able to share in his travels along with me! I am just in awe of the beauty in some of these pictures. Of course, it helps that the photographer knows what he is doing.