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Friday, August 27, 2004

One week down

So, I am officially done with my first week as a 1L. Wow! First off, I must say (without sarcasim) I absolutely loved it! I miss the challenge and intensity that is higher learning. It has been three years since I finished undergrad and I realize just how much of the rigor you lose sight of when you are working in "the real world". With regards to the supposedly terrifying first week, I think I may have taken a pretty good approach to this...assume the worst. I didn't read "One L" or "Law School Conf." or any of the other scare-tactic books; I just assumed, on my own, this would absolutely suck. I told all of my friends good-bye, I would see them in three years (even the local ones:-). I cleared every weekend on my calendar for reading/studying for AT LEAST a year. I mentally prepared myself for snobby classmates, Socratic method, tons of reading, seriously intense professors, and whatever else I was warned of. That being said...it was not so bad.

I have met some great people thus far, hoping to one day call them friends. I have read more words than I thought possible within such a short amount of time. I have been wowed and impressed with professors who instantly gained my respect, something I have not always given so freely within the world of academia. I would have to say the most difficult part for me is that I am overly-stimulated right now. I did not realize just how mundane my life had become. I was used to sitting in front of a computer for 8-10 hours a day checking my email at least once an hour, actually hoping for anything to make time fly by. Upon leaving work each day, I was able to find ways to creatively use my time. Now, however, I have hours upon hours of stimulation daily. It's not something I am used to, and I don't quite know how to adjust to it. I have been running to expel some energy (and hopefully lose some of the 30 pounds gained since giving up cigarettes) but my damn shins hurt! I have also taken an interest in plants and I like to water them and check for daily growth. Most of all, I have taken up this blogging concept. I don't know that I will actually give out the link to anyone, perhaps I will just use this for my own good. For now, I am off to cook some dinner and read some of the 60 pages for Contracts next week!