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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Two campuses

When I was in undergrad, I spent all my time in the building of my major, which is not uncommon. The campus was not large, but Fletcher Hall was a world of it's own. Not only was it further away from any other campus building, but it was the only building on campus that was not of the standard red brick (who builds with exposed aggregate walls anyway?) That is not quite what made Fletcher stand out though...that can be attributed to those of us that spent our days and nights there. We were the "artsy" type. When people asked what my major was and I said Architecture, they replied "oh, you are one of those people in Fletcher, I steer clear of that building." We were stereotyped as the various colored hair, black baggy clothes, cigarette smoking, recycle everything, weird people. I didn't really get to see the rest of campus very often and always wondered if interesting things were going on outside of Fletcher Hall.

There are similarities now, like spending all of my time around the same people in the same building (well, group of buildings). However, things are very different. When people ask, and I tell them Lerner or Burns, I get instantaneous respect. "Oooo, you're in law school, wow." It's nice to feel that others admire my world. It sounds strange, but within the halls of the law school, one feels as if they are there by invitation. There is a certain element of pride to have been accepted and invited to this part of campus. Granted, anyone can walk those halls, but only some of us actually belong there. I don't really wonder what goes on around campus, I like where I am.