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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Washington Post unfair?

Last night as I was switching lines over at Metro Center, I noticed bunches of WMATA workers posting up signs like this:

My first thought was "oh come on! everyone has to protest something in this damn town." Then I wondered if I had missed the declaration of war between WMATA and the Washington Post? As I watched them hang these enormous posters and banners, I wondered who was footing the bill for these huge very nicely designed posters. I also wondered what was so unfair about the Post. Then, my train came and I went about my evening not giving a second thought to any of it.

Stepping off the train at Metro Center this morning, I realized those WMATA workers had a busy night. The station is covered in this new creative ad campaign aimed at the Post. Walking through the station to exit gave me just enough time to peruse all the ads. When I got to work, I logged onto this "unfair" website to see what this is all about. Quite an interesting story there.

Rarely does an ad campaign catch my attention enough to actually notice and follow up. Well done!