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Thursday, October 18, 2007

How I found out.

(Alternative title: Why my attorney photo is going to rock.)

It's 10:35am on October 17, 2007.

I'm sitting at my desk trying to get some work done when an outlook pop up reminds me that my attorney photo will be taken in 15 minutes. I put on some lipstick, check the mirror and hope that my hair is okay.

Before I head upstairs, I decide to check out the VA bar results discussion on JDUnderground.
Earlier in the day someone had started a rumor that results would be posted at 10:30 but I was not putting too much stock in all these results rumors anymore. Still, I was enjoying the banter about it. As the page refreshes I notice the last two posts say the results are up. Oh my god. Is this real?

I immediately head to the VBBE results page.

My stomach is somewhere in my throat.

I have stared at and refreshed the same page for a week now and have come to know it very well. As the page loads, I realize it's different. This page has the actual results. My fate is somewhere on this page.

I skip all of the explanation at the top only noticing the word "passed" underlined and bolded.

I start scrolling down.

Shit, I forgot to shut my door.

I'm not getting up now.

I continue to scroll.

My last name starts with a B, why is this taking so damn long?

I refuse to do a Ctrl-F because I could not bear to see the "Finished searching document" if my name is not on there.

Still scrolling.

Re-living all of the dreams I have had in the recent days of this list and my name not being on it.

I am shaking.

I think I can actually hear my own heartbeat.

Shit, I think I forgot how to spell my name.

Still scrolling.


There it is.

My name. First, middle, last.

My name is on the list of people who passed the VA Bar Exam.

I blink. It's still there.

Oh my god, I passed the Bar.

I walk away from my computer.

I come back and it's still there. My name is actually really on the list.

I scream and run to the office next door. "Oh my God, I passed the bar!"

I ask co-worker to check the list and make sure my name is on it. She laughs at me.

I run back to my office to do a few searches to find out all of my good friends passed.

I'm still shaking. Now I have tears in my eyes too.

I can't stop giggling and saying "I passed the bar".

I look down to notice that I am late for my attorney photo.

I ran upstairs telling everyone along the way that I passed the bar!

I'm sure the photographer thought I was a fruitcake but at least I will have a huge smile on my face in my attorney photo.