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Friday, October 26, 2007


I am inspired by people. Not all people, of course, but some people. I like to look around and take note of what I can learn from others. Sometimes I watch strangers and just wonder what it is that they could bring into my life if I knew them. This also helps me to appreciate the amazing people I do have in my life.

I have a good friend who has been a source of inspiration to me since I met her. Aside from being smart and beautiful and all that jazz, she has a lot of qualities I find inspiring. She is hard working and dedicated and most importantly (for this weekend) she is perseverant. You see, my friend is running the Marine Corp Marathon this Sunday. Granted, that in and of itself, is a feat I could not begin to touch. If you have ever been to a marathon or known someone who trained, it's truly an amazing accomplishment.

This is not her first time. Last year, my friend went through hell and high water to get herself into that marathon in the first place. Finishing the marathon would prove even more difficult. A little less than halfway her right leg quit working. If you're keeping track, that means over 13 miles to go. She finished. In pain, limping along. She finished. In her words: "What? I am not bagging this freaking race! Not finishing didn’t even cross my mind. I limped back to the race path."

That, my friends, is inspiring. What is equally as inspiring is that she got over her messed up leg and her feelings of disappointment and trained to run again this year. Yep, this Sunday, my friend will run again. This time, she'll have herself a slew of support along the way. Because every so often, it's nice to take a break from one's extremely busy schedule and take the time to appreciate the inspiration around them.


Now YOU go over there and wish her good luck! She's too busy to blog these days so I advise you just leave her a comment on her Taiwan post:-)

I also recommend reading her thoughts from the race last year.