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Friday, April 06, 2007

104.1 you are dead to me

I don't listen to the radio much and there are two main reasons for that. First, I am rarely in my car so I usually just listen to the Ipod on the Metro. My second reason is that, in my humble opinion, DC radio just plain sucks.

Things used to be okay. There were enough stations to flip through when one got especially chatty or played a crappy song. When in doubt, I could always rely on 104.1. Until one fateful day when I get a frantic phone call from my roommate. "Oh my god" she cries "are you near a radio? Turn it on! I don't know what happened. Something happened to 104.1!" I turned on the stereo and sat on the phone with roomie as we heard some sort of classical music being belted out of our beloved Z104. It just switched. No warning. No notice. Poof. I hopped online to find such a nice "farewell" on their website. They politely tried to direct me to listen to a few other stations. I tried. I really did. It just wasn't the same.

Until recently.

I was alerted that 104.1 was back. It was now called "George" but it was back. And better. Over the past few weeks, I have re-programmed my dials and fallen into old habits of turning on the radio. It felt nice. Today I was running some errands in my car while the 104.1 guy was chatting it up on my radio. I somewhat tuned him out but clearly heard the last thing he said "...signing off." Then fuzz. I clicked away and back. Away and back. Just like that. Gone. Yet again, 104.1 has broken my heart.

I heard the rumors but refused to believe them...that 104.1 was going off the air to be replaced by Gospel music. Well, it seems to be true. What I didn't get was why would they resurrect the style of 104.1 for only a tiny amount of time, as if to tease me or something. Again hitting the internet for an explanation, I found this ploy uncovered on George's website. The website tells me that George is just not going to be on the radio anymore but I can still listen...on High Definition Radio. Wait, so this tease was actually intentional?

George, you cannot seriously think that your ridiculous ploy to get me to buy an HD Radio would work. Am I really supposed to say "wow, I got so addicted to the 70's and 80's music you teased me with this past month that I must have more...no matter the cost!" Can you hear me saying that, George? Because I cannot really hear me saying that. I should tell you that, in fact, I will erase your 104.1 from my dials and charge my IPOD back up. From here on, 104.1, you are dead to me. I mean forever this time.

Update: I should mention I am getting quite a few readers who arrive here by searching "what happened to 104.1 George?" Dare I say that I am not the only upset one?