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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Warped Frame of Mind

I have done so many practice questions and practice tests in the past few days that I really started to get the hang of it. Perhaps a bit too much. During the actual exam this morning, when I got to the question at the end that asked how much time I spent studying, I handled it much like every other question (by having a conversation much like this in my head):

Okay, (A) says "none" but I studied, so I can cross that answer off.
That leaves three answers.
Skip to (D) and haha, there is no way I spent that much time, cross that one off too.
Easy, I'm down to two answers. I can do this.
(B) says 1-15 hours and (C) says 15-30 hours.
Crap, I have no idea how many hours I spent studying.
But, there is more. Both answers also break it down into days or half days.
Did I spend two full days or four half days? If so, then (B)
Did I spend more than two full days but not as much as four full days? Then (C)
Wait, it's all getting blurry now.
Does it really matter how I broke my time up?
Or is this just the test-maker's way of obscuring the answers?
I'm going back to the hours.
Okay, so I studied on the flight, but took a one hour nap. I studied all day yesterday. What time did I wake up? Don't forget to subtract that trip to CVS to print out the 2"x2" photo. And the two showers I took to wake myself up. Okay so that's 5 minus 1 plus 4 plus 3 plus...wait a damn minute. None of this matters. This is an optional question. What in the hell am I thinking?

And now the MPRE is done.