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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednesday Ramblings - LIVEish

Oh Sangria, how you hurt me.

Miss M got the funniest book EVER for her birthday. And I will never eat brown mushrooms again.

Bug, I finally found your $20. If you can remember my name you can have it back. I have no problem remembering your name since you wrote it across my arm.

Someone take my phone away from me when I drink. Please.

This guy is not very nice.

Neither was the Penguins fan who spent the better half of his evening searching endlessly for his precious hat. Good job Marci.

Thanks for the ride home Mr. Smooth:-)

11am UPDATE:

Is anyone else having trouble with Gmail?

I left my power cord for my laptop at home. Today is going to suck!

noonish UPDATE:

I am using a computer in an office at school which does not have Mozilla. WOW, my blog looks like crap in Microsoft Internet Explorer. There are no line breaks. Yuck.


I am soooo tired. I ran out of coffee and did not have the foresight to order more far enough ahead of time. This is my second day without my coffee. My new coffee will not be here for two more days. I am dying.