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Thursday, March 29, 2007


Blogging is about way more than just writing a post every so often. It's also about reading other people's creative works. The "I Read" list on the right of WonL is always a good place to start if you wanna know what interests me. However, I have come across a few gems lately that I wanted to specifically share with my readers.

I received a forwarded email of an open letter to the Brand Manager of Proctor and Gamble regarding a certain feminine product. The letter was well-written, snarky and just plain fantastic. I was so struck by the author's catchy writing style that I googled her and was pleased to find that she has a blog. You can read the original letter here. Personally, I recommend you read the entire blog (she only has thirteen posts). Make sure to check out her post about why Kenny Loggins must die and also her nicknames for a kid on her son's soccer team. This woman is downright brilliant.

Those comedic Playaz down in Atlanta have really topped themselves this time. Phil received one of those Nigerian email scams that ask you to send all your bank account information so they can deposit a bazillion dollars into your account. Phil decided to respond and a truly hilarious conversation with a Nigerian "lawyer of repute with many years experience" ensued.

If you love the antics of boss Michael Scott on "The Office" will love this next blog. The That's What She Said Blog discusses the legalities of the comical yet offensive goings-on around Dunder Mifflin. The attorney who writes the blog even tallies up the litigation value of each episode. Interesting stuff.

I love reading The Hot Librarian. I think she's a great writer, you know the kind who just writes whatever pops into her eccentric head as it comes and you sometimes get scared that you are easily able to follow her train of thought. I also love her because she somehow comes across the most amazing contraptions ever. For example: the conference bike. Just. Plain. Amazing.

Last but not least, a friend's younger sister alerted me to Rapex, the condom for women who are being raped. It bites. Literally.