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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Missed Connection?

I eyed the Metro seat as the train slowed to a stop. I sure do love traveling when it is not rush hour. I entered the train and as I spun around to sit, I immediately noticed you watching me. We briefly made eye contact then I coyly looked away. I could feel you still gazing at me. At the next stop, I looked up from my paper and you were looking out the window. I noticed your hair. You had very nice hair. You seemed a bit older, but still had a youthful element to your appearance. It has been a while since I noticed anyone so it felt nice to just take it in. You turned to catch me looking and I quickly looked back at my paper. I knew I was busted. I glanced up again and you were smiling. You had a very warm smile. I couldn't help but smile too. Our eyes lingered on each other. We both kept smiling. I was two stops from my destination. I wondered about you. Were you on your way to work? Where are you from? Is there a lucky lady in your life? The next stop was my stop. I began gathering up my things and gave up my seat for the duration of the ride. I saw you watching me. I wondered if you would get off at my stop to strike up a conversation. The train was slowing down and I looked back one last time. You were still staring intently at me, only now you had your finger halfway up your nose.

As I stepped off the Metro I thought to myself "is THIS the dating scene I have to look forward to in D.C? I am so not ready."