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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Question for readers

Imagine this:

You are in the US military in the midst of a long war. The people you are fighting hate everything about you and will go to great lengths to destroy you. One day as you sit at your post watching images from the Predator Drone flying above the enemy's territory, you come across a vertiable jackpot. Almost two hundred bad guys all packed together in neat little rows with arguably no way of defending themselves. You know that with one simple push of the button, you can take out every last one of them. Two hundred less soldiers to kill your friends in this war.

There is a problem. These two hundred bad guys are at a funeral. In the rules of "fair-fighting" in war, you are supposed to respect the burying of the deceased. Your side has always respected the rules of fair-fighting and you will likely get in trouble if you do not. However, you know that if the tables were turned, and it was two hundred Americans at a funeral, the bad guys would not even hesitate to push that button, ignoring any and all "rules".

Do you push the button?