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Monday, August 07, 2006

Payback really is a bitch

The computer/printer situation around here is insane. We have a "cluster room" downstairs in which we can print all our notes and outlines. This is crucial considering exams are open notes and no computers are allowed in the rooms. In theory, you can save your notes on a jump drive, walk down to the cluster room and print from any of the 30 computers at any time. Easy enough, right? Until, of course some freaking genius decides the weekend before our Monday and Tuesday exams would be a good time to re-network the entire cluster room. Fifteen computers became immediately inaccessible. Of the remaining, about eight were just not working. Of those that were working, no thumb drive access. Are you kidding?

After multiple protests, our director jumped right on it and got us access. They rigged the printer up to four special computers to enable us to conveniently print during the weekend. Fabulous.

In my quest to attack my second exam, I went downstairs today to print and low and behold...now there is no paper. This must be some cruel joke. Adding insult to injury, the guy who works the desk in our building seems to be gone. Getting really pissy, me and a friend head to the front gate to find out where our desk worker is. The man up front says he can give us one reem of paper. One ream per day for the cluster room. That's it. He tells us we are "rationed." Rationed to one ream of paper for seventy students to print during exams. I paid $1800 for a month with a jackhammer outside my window, no air conditioning, smelly maids, a crappy shower, and sparse silverware...and you cannot give us another freaking ream of paper? Really? Boy is the shit going to hit the fan tonight when everyone heads downstairs to print.

Instead of getting mad at gate-worker, which would be fruitless...I began to think. I do believe that I am owed a sheet of paper for every door that has been slammed. I am owed paper for every single time I had to walk into the kitchen to find soggy french fries in the sink or salad on the floor or wine spilled all over my food in the refrigerator. I am owed paper for every time someone yelled outside my door at four in the morning. Yep, looks like this ream of paper ain't going to make it into the cluster room. Muahahaha.