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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Phew, one exam down...

two exams to go.

What I should be doing right now:
getting rid of my corporations junk (Delware won the race to the bottom - game over
preparing for my 2 exams next week
downloading exam software so I can take 2 exams next week
grocery shopping
cleaning room
washing clothes
getting a pedicure
getting things waxed
returning phone calls
picking up dry cleaning
getting new Verizon phone service because Cingular SUCKS!
finishing letter and printing stuff for Cingular (in anticipation of Consumer Throw-down 2006!)
booking flight to London
getting in touch with Italian "family" and maybe booking flight to Italy instead
figuring out financial aid stuff
...and I'm sure there is more

What I am actually doing right now:
eating Wendy's on my sofa while watching every episode of Days of Our Lives from last week.

Turning. Off. Computer.

UPDATE: Now, Evan, if I would have known that procrastinating was the theme of the week, I would have posted this one sooner:-)