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Sunday, April 23, 2006

This will make you jealous.

I'm not really a big fan of weekend re-caps. Some things in my life are just not your business. Besides, if you knew everywhere I went or who I went with, it would just be too easy to stalk me. I'll make an exception just this once. In fact, I will even post throughout the weekend because it's not like I am going anywhere:

Wake up late. By late, I mean 7:30am. The loud gentlemen with the crane across the street usually gets cranking at 7am, so with 30 extra minutes of sleep, my day is destined to be a good one. It dawns on me: I don't have a job and classes are over. YAY! And by yay, I mean, 'oh crap, exams start next week.' Instead of fixing my own coffee, I decide to head to Starbucks and a bagel shop for some nourishment. Big mistake. By 10am I have fallen back asleep. Sitting up in front of my computer. Because Starbucks coffee is weak. I brew a pot of real coffee. Spend my entire day re-reading, organizing, IMing about, printing (after loading a new black print cartridge), and typing Corporations. If you have never done this, you should try it...loads of fun.

Since my food for the day has consisted of cheesy poofs and diet coke, around 7pm, I decide to get some dinner. I am in the mood for chinese food, but I'm still scared to have my favorite place deliver to me. (This goes back to the time my friend went absolutely psycho on the delivery guy and he called his manager from my doorstep and he kept yelling all this stuff in Chinese and he looked like he was about to cry and then my friend wouldn't pay for her food and she was shaking in a corner and I'm afraid after that scene they will either refuse to deliver to me, or maybe even worse...) Um, where was I? Oh yeah, I figure it would do me some good to get out of the apartment, I decide to walk to pick up the food. I wait 10 minutes for the elevator because having more than one working elevator in a 21-story building is waaay too much to ask. Upon exiting the building, I immediately realize I hate everyone in the world for not telling me it was raining. Of course, by this time, the card access door has shut behind my cardless-self. You know, when I was a kid, I used to love walking in the rain. This won't be so bad. Needless to say, when I arrive home soaking wet and freezing with squishy flip-flops and find that my fortune says "have a good day" I am pretty pissed.

Again, get up way too damn early. Hurry downstairs to feed the meter just to find a sopping wet green ticket on my windshield and a bitch standing 10 feet away giggling. Going to be one of those days...back upstairs: cereal with no milk. I spend a little while cleaning because I have a possible roommate-replacement coming over at noon. Clean, then corporations, then clean. Get a phone call around 11:30 that possible roommie-replacement had her identity stolen yesterday and will not be able to make it. Seriously. Back to Corporations. Take a break to pay some credit cards online. I hear a strange noise from across the room. Printer? What's going on little guy? (Foresee a trip to Staples with recently paid off credit card to buy a new printer and new cartridge since printer is taking my new cartridge down with him.) Use screwdriver and fist and flip-flop to solve printer problems. Back to corporations and leftover chinese food.

I am NOT dwelling on the fact that my guy had surgery on Thursday and is currently being nursed back to health by his two female roommates, one of which I've met and she's hawt. Nope, didn't think about that once today. There is an unopened bottle of white wine in my refrigerator that may or may not be there tomorrow. Judging by how much corporations I have done today, I'm voting (via proxy) that it will not be there.

Awoke at 4am dreaming of Equitable Subordination and Successor Liability. Couldn't fall back asleep. Do I really have to do this all over again? Hit corporations again and welcome a study-break phone call chat session with my best Richmond friend. Call dropped. Call back to continue. Call dropped. Again, call back. Guess what? Yep mother-effing-call dropped. Are you effing kidding me, Cingular? After 5 dropped called in less than 30 minutes, I give up on a conversation with my friend to get back to studying. Only, I can't study. My hatred for Cingular is blinding me. Spend the next hour going through my contract and what little they have online about my service. Check out Verizon specials. Begin writing my letter to Cingular in anticipation of their attempt to charge me the $150 cancellation fee. Try me, Cingular, try me! Back to studying.

This recent thing in my life is really perplexing me (no, not him)...the presence of pimples in times of stress. I might have had 3 zits total in my entire adolescent life. Why now? I think "piercing the corporate veil" sounds dirty. I think I may finish an entire bag of cheesy poofs in one weekend. I feel sick. I think I found a new roommate! YAY. Oh my gosh, my ITunes "Study Music" Playlist just ran out. That list is 152 songs/10.5 hours long. I'm tired.