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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ladies Night

I am a 20-something (approaching 30) year-old female. I live in an urban environment/big city. I own a car, but I am still renting an apartment. I have spent my time as an "adult" both in jobs and in careers. I am now furthering my education. I have had wonderful relationships and horrible relationships, both of which will undoubtedly continue.

I do not have any of this figured out yet. Sometimes, that scares the hell out of me. Sometimes, I take comfort in not knowing. Some days I am so glad I am not sitting at home with three kids in an 'okay' marriage wondering what else is out there. Some days, I wonder if that means I will never have that or if I even want that. I write about all of this on a blog. Once again, I do not have any of this figured out yet.

The best part of all of this is knowing that I am not alone. Other women, just like me, near me, go through these things too. I had the wonderful opportunity to drink margaritas and sangria with a few of them this evening. I cannot tell you how good and refreshing that feels (the friendships, not just the drinks). What a wonderful evening. Big ole shout out to my favorites: DCPussy Cat Doll, Asian Mistress, Moxie, Stef, DCOE, Sharkie, and Chase. Thanks girls:-)

(Photo stolen from the Asian Mistress)