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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Have you ever seen a trainwreck in slow motion? Me neither. But after our trial last night, I can tell you exactly what it would be like. Train going along; maybe slowly because she "it" is coming up to a crossing and has been going in circles for some time. (You didn't know trains could go in circles, did you?) Train derails. Over the side of a cliff. Loud crashing noises. Tumbling. Wheels spinning. Everyone on the outside stares in disbelief. Those on the inside writhe in agony. Train being beat from all sides as it tumbles into the black hole far below. And the damn train operator still has her foot on the gas with full force.

I think train operators (or at least their co-operators) should have parachutes. Hey, you never know when you are gonna need to just bail.

P.S. It was not me. Nor was it my witness.