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Friday, November 25, 2005

Nothing of importance...

Exam time is upon us, and you know what that means: random blog postings about absolutely nothing and everything.

LSU is playing like crap today. GUYS! It's Arkansas for chrissake. This should NOT be a close game. And with a name like that, I bet he got picked on as a kid.

I do not want to be sitting at home studying right now. I would much rather be here with my friend right now.

How many freaking times are y'all going to let them intercept the ball?

Since the above mentioned friend is trapsing all over Europe right now, it got me to thinking how I never go anywhere fun. Since I graduated college, my only real fun "vacation" was to Iceland a few years ago and even that had a somber tone because I was with a boyfriend who had found out only a week before he got into medical school...um, in Australia (but blessings in disguise are a topic for another post). Anyway, I have not been on a real vacation since then. It's always home to Louisiana or to Houston to see my brother. I decided that I need some fun after this semester is done. So, today, I booked a flight, leaving Houston on Christmas day and heading here. I've never been there...should be fun, right?

THEY are not even ranked!!!

An older gentleman in Pennsylvania emailed me about my charity (you know, the one bringing toys to the children displaced by Katrina). He said he heard about us in the paper and was interested in helping. Until, that is, he went online and did some research on us. He said he was quite disturbed to find that we are not actually doing anything for children much less the hurricane victims. HUH??? I emailed him back expressing my confusion. I told him exactly what we are doing and that if anything that I (or the organization) has said or implied otherwise, I apologize and would appreciate him bringing my attention to it. It's been bothering me for a few days now. I hate being misinterpreted. So, PA man emails me this morning and said he cannot remember exactly what he read but it was about lesbian sleepwear. REALLY? First thought: he must have clicked on the wrong website. Second thought: sir, I think you mis-understand what kind of toys we are bringing to Louisiana!

Remember when WE used to have a defense? Ah, those were the good ole days.

I'm going see this tonight with a school friend.

I feel the SEC West slipping away...

I am very very sad that Mr. Myagi died.

SHIT! They can win this with a fieldgoal.

Said school friend referenced earlier is damn lucky I am still speaking to him after his behavior in front of my family at Thanksgiving. After bringing up every guy in my life/no longer in my life at the dinner table, he decides to ask the table of twelve folks: "so, do you read her blog?" I give him mean eyes. "YOU have a blog???" blurts out the 19 year old cousin. Right after I inconspicuously tell friend "hey, they don't know about it and I'd like to keep it that way"...he proceeds to tell the whole family if they give him their email addresses, he will send them a link. DUDE! What is wrong with you?

HAHAHA...4th and 19...hahaha...interception.

The Rule Against Hearsay sucks.