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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Must snap out of this pissy mood!

Things that are not helping:

1) friend showing up 45 minutes late for his one hour shift this morning collecting toys

2) student organization taking over the table that I have had reserved for OVER A MONTH to distribute condoms next to our toy collection box

3) other friend giving me a "what the hell are you doing Law-Rah?" look when I try to give him a hug after not seeing him for a while - remind me not do to that again

4) the dude that said "I'm not giving toys or money to the kids in New Orleans. What they really need is a better central government." Shut the hell up! I assure you, a 5 year old child living in a trailer in the mud next to his destroyed house does not want to listen to your bickering about they government...he wants some damn transformers!

So, since I fully intend to be in a good mood tomorrow night for this...I am taking today off from smiling or being nice.