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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Second Annual Red Line Pub Crawl

The evening began at Capital City Brewing Company at 5:30pm. Roommate and I showed up at 5:34 and already had two reprimanding messages for being late. It was at that moment we knew these people meant business. After all, the integrity of the pub crawl was at stake. Instantaneous respect flowed amongst those who showed up at the beginning. We were the committed ones, determined to make our co-organizers proud. (Or perhaps we were just terrified of the consequences of not heeding the implied warnings about showing up late or bowing out early.) There was a so-so law school showing at this point. The evening moved on, as did our crowd of thirty or so, via the Red Line Metro. One $6.50 all day Metro pass would handle our transportation for the evening.

The organizers had this down to a science. Every detail meticulously considered. We would continue on the red line to each stop from Union Station to Bethesda and return to end the evening at Dupont Circle. One glass of ale (or bottle of beer) was to be consumed at each place we halted the party and "rested" for half an hour. Although we would loop back in the opposite direction from which we began, we were not hit the same metro stop twice. Furthermore, since some stops have less than desirable choices for pubs (i.e. none), we would have to double up at the stop before or after.

The pubs for the evening had been predetermined and hand selected by our well-versed bar hopping co-organizers. There would not be a cover charge all evening and the timing was perfect to avoid the crowds. In fact, we were the crowd! It was the perfect mix of people to come together and wreak havoc on DC. And you thought the tourists were obnoxious on the Metro! Try having a bunch of 20 and 30-something year olds spinning on the metro poles and see if that does not conjure some strange looks. Some people showed up later and we lost some along the way because they just could not hang. The evening came complete with laughter and tears, a passed out metro-sexual on the Metro, a molestor-stache, a bar that smelled like sh*t (apparently due to some problem with the facilities), a political debate, an Irish man singing a Cajun song, a lot of peanuts, and best of all...many drunken "i love you"s.

In case you are wondering...our stops for the evening:
Capital City Brewing Company at Union Station
Fado Irish Pub at China Town/Gallery Place
Shelley's Back Room at Metro Center
Mackey's at Farragut North
The Madhatter at Farragut North
The Barking Dog at Bethesda
Chadwick's at Friendship Heights
The Dancing Crab at Tenleytown
Four Provinces at Cleveland Park
Nanny O'Briens at Cleveland Park
The Big Hunt at Dupont Circle

A great time was had by all!