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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Weekends are crazy

Tomorrow begins catching up on all of the stuff I have been slacking on in this world-wind of a social week! I think there is something about DC in the summer-time that makes everyone in the world want to just party. Let us reflect for a moment:

Tonight was a going away shin-dig for a friend. She (and the bulk of her company that got laid off) has decided to "find herself" and in K's case, this means moving to San Francisco. It's hard to tell people good-bye even when you know they are chasing their dreams. Enough mushiness. K's party brought a random assortment of folks. Let me prelude this by telling you this party was not in a part of DC that I would normally be...like EVER! Theme of the evening: Law-Rah is so sheltered. I knew the night would be interesting when I saw my first ever drug deal on the way to the party...in the damn Wendy's parking lot. I so do not think Dave Thomas would approve. Continuing on (at a more rapid pace) my friend laughed at me as I said "hit the deck!" when I heard what sounded to be gun-shots. Of course, when he told the story later, he said it was those little white popper things, but whatever. K is one of those girls who knows everyone, so everyone showed up. There were, in fact, people who showed up that no one knew like that woman in the skort who kept turning the stereo up and dancing in the middle of the room by herself. It took everyone a while to figure out that they may have taken a wrong turn, and were probably just there for the free food and drinks. I was especially partial to the very short Mr. Miagi looking hairdresser man named Milan who ran up to K reading the sign saying 'bon voyage', emotionally told her how much he was going to miss her...and then asked if she was going somewhere. He rocked! Plus, after enough drinks, he totally did the wax-on-wax-off thing!

Another funny "this shows just how different males and females are" moment arose soon after. I asked hostess just how many gay guys were at this party (they seemed plentiful to me.) She said only B. Then, I asked B how many and he said "girl, this place is crawling!" B and I then became instant best buds and he taught me how to "work the gay-dar." We spent the next hour on the sofa watching the guys in the room dance because that is apparently the best way to determine a gentleman's sexual preference. The entertainment factor in that room was beyond description.

As for Friday, I feel a little late to the game, but I should absolutely succinctly re-cap last night. On the phone today, a friend asked what I did last night and I said "uh, I met a few friends for drinks and, uh, it's kinda hard to explain. Uh, okay, I feel like such a dork, but I went on a blogger meet." She laughed at me. Seriously, though....good times. E.Spat is in town for the summer, as are Matt and Coob, so they all put together a happy hour to meet. (Jack, Idlegrasshopper and L-Cubed were there as well.) This is the first time I have ever done this. We all discussed it was a little strange, but at least it's not like a match dot com meeting or anything. A couple of drinks later, we were discussing who in the blogging world looked like George Costanza and who is totally psycho. Although blogging is becoming mainstream, I think there is is still a reserved element of dorkicism to it. At the same time, when you read someone's inner thoughts and feelings daily, you somehow have this bond or connection with them. I also must say, their looks and in-person personalities absolutely matched the way they write and portray themselves online.

So, perhaps tomorrow I shall pick up a book to read for the class that I paid $5k for this summer. Why, yes, that sounds like a good idea!