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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Day of One-Liners...

...where you get the benefit of anything that pops into my head while I read Property:

Does it make me a bad person if every morning, I wake up to the little birdies chirping outside of my window...and I want to shoot them?

Does anyone know what happened to Dwayne? My little cynical Aussie friend...where are you???

I pulled a muscle/pinched a nerve/just plain messed up something in my neck. It hurts really bad to look downward and reading is not so easy when you have to hold the book up in the air.

The bird shut up.

The corn rows in my hair are making my head hurt.

I am spread so thin right now with work and school and moving that I am forgetting things. For instance, my best friend came over last night and it was the first time she saw a picture of my new niece. She asked what her name was and I had actually forgotten. That's my GodChild and I forgot her name!

Since law school started, I didn't realize how much I miss my (other) friends until last night.

In an art class I took in undergrad, we had to spend an entire week drawing a binder clip. It was a lot easier than the time that my professor brought in his dog for us to draw.

I came to a disturbing realization this week...I quit being "fun" when I went to law school.

I am so lucky to have the bestest friends in the whole wide world:-)