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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Communication is key

Last night was the "Second Annual Red Line Pub Crawl" (which I attended for the first time). I have no intention of even attempting to re-cap my evening through my own recollections. I will, however, allow you to re-live my night through the text messages I found in the 'Sent Items' on my phone this morning. This is my side of conversations with four different people:

5:37pm: "Just got here"
6:11pm: "Leaving"
7:16pm: "Hello?"
10:19pm: "Where are you?"
11:38pm: "WTF?"
11:47pm: "I luv you"
12:37am: "You f-ing left"
12:40am: "Where are you?"
1:20am: "Where am I?"

There were only a few of us who were able to keep the integrity of the pub crawl through the end!

Hopefully someone else will write about this for me and I can just link to them, or copy their words here...hint hint!