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Monday, May 16, 2005

Vacation and Property

Thanks for asking, my trip to Houston was fabulous. I had a great week bonding with my two year old niece and her new baby sister, my Goddaughter. And then, the rest of the family showed up. Yep, when it comes to MY family, nothing compares to our quality time...a nosy grandmother who doesn't realize how loud she is when she says things about little Spanish kids in white tuxedos...a baby spitting up AND a 24 year-old brother spitting up (did I mention it was in the to-go box from dinner)...a grandpa threatening to disinherit me if I do anything with the ACLU...an aunt telling me I "may know laywer stuff, but don't know a damn thing about baseball" because I said the Nationals would win this game...a sister-in-law of a sister-in-law who won't have her own children, but loves to pretend other people's are hers...and a wife of a friend who apparently has mental breakdowns when around, um, people...seriously, nothing compares to family time:-)

Moving on to the end of my vacation and the beginning of school. Yes, sadly, this evening marked the beginning of summer school. I'm pretty bummed about being back so soon and having to spend my summer taking a class. On the other hand, as one of my classmates said, "at least we are all going to be together." Awww. Sure, although it was nice to see my friends again, it is not worth being back. Plus, I did a really stupid thing tonight. Thinking I was ahead of the game, I strategically chose a seat for my class that was in the back for all of the days that I will probably be late. (Good move considering the eight people that showed up 10+ minutes after the start of class all ended up in the front row.) Anyway, I did sit next to one of those guys in class that cuts up a lot, but what can ya do? In my quest to find the perfect seat, I failed to realize that the clock is above my head. This enlightened moment came halfway through class when I noticed that prof. was taking note of all of the faces and gestures I made. Crap, this means I am going to have to behave myself. Gonna be a long summer!