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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Never stop learning

*******I shall add to the list daily...maybe*******

(To follow suit from last semester...I invite you to watch the downward spiral of my sanity) This is what I have learned so far...

1) I do not fit into the "reasonable" person standard.

2) I don't know about snakes

3) It is real easy for a midnight "power nap" to end at 8am if you are not careful when setting the alarm.

4) I am going to be the Godmother to my newest niece, Jessie. That makes me happy:-)

5) I am NEVER in the right place at the right time! I want to be Alysia Brown.

6) I decided to add the word "knowledgeful" to the dictionary...although it is hard to type, there are less words to think of. (PS...I have already added succinctify, so please don't fight it!)

7) In attempting to sort through my Contracts notes and make some semblance of an outline, I realized why it is so difficult: daily reading assignments looking something like this...883-96, 904-14, 921-36, 938-45, 951-57, 962-68...can take things WAY out of context and make them hard to put back in. Sadly, I actually would have rathered just read the whole chapter.

8) Interesting...I would have thought the word semblance would be derived from symbol and therefore spelled symblance. However, it is derived from resemble. I guess that makes more sense.

9) Not having time to wash clothes can make for interesting wardrobe choices. I have been walking around my house for days in American flag pants and a plaid flannel shirt. I look like a Mexican rap star. If only I had a do-rag, I could pose for the cover of the newest album "Crossin' the Border".

New Day...
10)Teenage smoking statutes were enacted in the WWII era to keep kids out of "cheesy dens of iniquity".

11) Professors do, in fact, read their students' blogs...and they also pass them on to their professor friends.

12) Old Navy should be banned from advertising on television. They have ruined every last song from the 80's!

13) There was a drunk cowboy at school today.

14) It's lonely at the top. By "the top", I mean of my house. I have been up here studying for days, with brief breaks to attend class. Now that we have no class, I am really going to get sick of this room. I guess now I know how THEY feel. (except for that part about the incest)

15) I was going to sit in front of the TV and eat dinner before hitting the books tonight. The new television show Stacked was on. Wow, after watching for only five minutes, I feel a significant amount dumber than I did when I woke up this morning.

16) I cannot find Tim McGraw's "Live Like You Were Dying" on ITunes and it annoys me. It's my "pump me up song" and I wanna listen to it right now!

17) At the risk of pissing of my male readers, I have some advice to gals: if you are of a certain age (pubescent or beyond) and you have a certain breast size and you spend your day at the law school, wear a damn bra!

Another New Day...

18) I have been invited to a Dean's reception today to honor students (apparently including me) for "achievements and hard work with your student organizations and skills boards." HAHA...do you think they know I did not actually make a skills board? I mean, granted, I did TRY for all of them, just did not actually make any. I assume my recognition will be due to involvement with the SBA, which is one big drunk tank. I think it's great that my school recognizes the drunks right next to the "esteemed" journal folks. We are just one big happy family.

19) Best way to teach yourself Contracts overnight: set up a meeting at 11am with your professor to discuss questions. Make sure it is a professor that you hold in high esteem and who is utterly brilliant. You will find yourself still up at 2am working one of his practice tests so you don't look stupid or unprepared.

20) Hmm...very soon, I will not be a 1L anymore. Does this mean I need to change the name of this blog? If so, do I keep the theme of mis-spelling the first word? I am not sure I want my blog in my second year to be "TooL".

21) Things currently being discussed in my study group: mexican coke uses real sugar, eating only matza for three days gives you diarreah, the Declaration of Independance, surfing in the washing machine, Dewey Beach, and my favorite...does wearing a bra really make a difference for a girl.

Yet another day...

22) I know a little about snakes now.

23) I am proud that I can now say I have used the wireless internet connection at school to view porn. The distrubing part is the porn that I happened upon. Thanks a lot E.Spat!

24) I really got nothing today. I have been sitting in a classroom at school with the same people for almost 10 hours now only a short sushi break to keep me sane. I got nothing.

25) I love spending a Friday night in Stockton 304! Really, I do.

26) WonL has been getting a lot of traffic today. Some from Grasshopper, some leftover from Jack, some is from Ambimb whining at my lack of technological expertise...but mostly, I think it is exam study procrastinators (like myself). Yay! Welcome my new friends:-)

This day will be different...

27) In an effort to re-gain a bit of sanity, I am starting my day by going into Georgetown to a country/western store to purchase some cowboy boots to go with my had for the Battle of San Jacinto party I am attending this evening. Did I say "re-gain" my sanity???

28) ...I ended my day in my new boots, a cowboy hat, and a huge belt buckle with an "L" on it. Good times.

Another day...

29) I got up early to get started today. By get started, I mean catch up on blogs and procrastinating. I recently threw darts with a friend and he told me I sucked. So, this morning, I practiced on sheep.

30) The whole drama of the "study group" can make a grown man act like a 12 year old.

31) I somehow ended up in the really smart people study group. Granted, I am the dumb one in the room, but I sure am learning a lot of stuff.

32) I learned something very important today: that little dinging noise that alerts you that you have left your lights on when you open your car door does not work in my car.

Completely lost all track of days...

33) People say that GW bolts the windows shut so we can't open them and let bugs in. Nope...it's so we don't jump out during finals.

34) I had a five minute conversation with my best friend on the phone tonight and she was not actually on the phone.

35) "Good faith" in contracting is an amorphous concept that courts apply in an arbitrary fashion.