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Monday, April 18, 2005

Entering the zone...

Exams are nine days away and already, the life has been sucked out of me!

I read my last post and realized I have ABSOLUTELY no sense of humor left.

I went to dinner with a friend last night and realized I have no vocabulary left for casual discussion. Seriously, I cannot put words together to form a sentence if it does not involve bifurcation, repudiation, preclusion or duty.

And I couldn't even begin to tell you about my attention span these days. I lost that one somewhere between Moot Court and Mock Trial.

Yep, I am burnt. Plus, I am almost out of Community Coffee and that makes me want to cry.

I pity anyone around me for the next few weeks:-)

Update: I went back to title this post and immediately thought of the Palsgraf zone of danger, so I guess I am learning something. IS there a duty?