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Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Since some of you are such loyal readers and have been logging on even in my absence, I feel I owe you an explanation. Well, there are actually a few.

1) I am not a real big fan of posting through Blogger and therefore use a separate interface called W.Bloggar. (This enables me to write my posts during class even when the internet connection is down:-) Anyway, I un-installed W.bloggar (long story) and when I went to the website to download it again, I was crushed to find it was gone! Well, it's sort of back up now.

2) In my lack of sleep, I accidentally deleted my entire blog template. THAT SUX. I brought back what I could, but still have a little work. I was so frustrated with myself, I had to step away.

3) Competing in Moot Court this weekend, Mock Trial next weekend, apparently in charge of planning the SBA Transition BBQ next week and also volunteering as a waitress for the EJF Auction this Thursday has left little time for anything else.

4) I got so physically ill this week, I actually skipped class. Anyone who knows me, knows I don't miss class. I find it much more beneficial to my education to attend class and play solitare than to sit at home and watch Jerry Springer.

5) Most importantly, the Catholic period of mourning for Pope John Paul II is 9 days. I intend to use this time to deal with things in my own private way.

That being said, I will resume posting later. Until then, feel free to read old posts or leave comments on posts you have always wanted to. (Jack, stay away from my Bugs!)