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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Healthy eatin' gun totin' soccer mom

Okay, perhaps my hiatus did not last all that long. My mind somehow cleared this evening and I figured I would jot down some stuff. This has really been a week of people saying strange things. I offer you some of the funny/scary/annoying things that people have said to me recently:

I was sitting around this past weekend at school eating and chatting with a few friends. One of the guys at the table looked at me and said "you are always eating so healthy." Bwaaahahaha. ME??? My GWorld card alone could re-stock the vending machines! I have never really been a healthy eater, I guess until lately. (As he said this, I looked down at my pineapples, banana and yogurt I had brought for lunch.) I think I just hit my breaking point and realized there is only so long that Snickers really can satisfy you.

The big auction is at school tomorrow and I am going in with a group for some shooting lessons. Yep, me with a gun! (Contrary to apparently popular belief, not all Southerners have guns.) Anyway, we were standing around trying to decide which person would be the one to do the actual bidding, at which point, a classmate offers "I should be the one to do it, I AM a man." Pray tell, oh classmate, what the hell does that have to do with anything? Oh, and please stand next to me at the shooting range while I am armed:-)

A couple of Sundays ago, we had a little Easter/Spring lunch at my house. A few law school people came over and we cooked and sat around and chatted. It was really nice. As I was turning around with the next item to be served, one of my male classmates said I looked like a "soccer mom". (Keep in mind, I do not cook, so this entire day was an experiment for me.) Since I was wearing a button-down pink shirt with khaki overalls with a pony-tail carrying a casserole dish, I couldn't really say much. I did immediately laugh though because that is sooooo not me and I would rather DIE than own a mini-van.

Oh, and my absolute favorite (said with extreme sarcasm):

This evening was my last night of LRW...see the tears in my eyes? Well, our LRW Adjunct decided to give out class awards. The minute she said this, I immediately thought I would be a shoe-in for the "mouthy" award. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that I received the Oral Advocacy Award. She gave one for each side of this semester's argument: me for appellant and male classmate for appellee. I was really honored until she decided to divulge to the entire class that once we had all left the courthouse, the judges decided that me and the other award winner should make babies together. Yeah, that's not even funny.