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Monday, April 18, 2005

Purposeless Thoughts #3

Okay, I have been reading Fuggin it Up for quite some time and I love their take on the esteemed Mrs. Spears/Federline. Now I have a confession to make: I actually went to Britney's site the other day to read her little exerpt about her baby news. (Yes, I am hanging my head in shame as I type.) Anyway, I noticed something. Brit's ramblings on her site sound a whole lot like the girls at Fuggin. I now think that Brit's site isn't real and it's just the FIUp girls:-)

To the guy that I WAS sitting across from at the library a few moments ago: dude, you just stuck your finger in your nose, then in your ear, then you smelled it. Please do not look so shocked when I pack up my stuff and move a few tables over.

In prepping for mock trial, we pretty much had to teach ourselves the Federal Rules of Evidence (since I am not taking that class as a 1L) We decided there are some missing objections:
Objection, damaging to our case.
Objection, unanticipated answer.
Objection, Your Honor, that's just not fair.

Yes, I am a tad disturbed that at 3:00 this morning, someone found my site by googling for "
whitey tighties". However, I find it more disturbing that someone not only was searching for that, but persistantly enough that they waded through well over 200 results!

FYI...the content here will probably remain pretty 'lacking' until after exams, sorry:-(