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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Party Study Party

Looking at my calendar...apparently, it is not only the time for impending exams, but also time for end of the year law school parties! We had our end of the year SBA Luau on Monday. I actually had to skip class to drink. It was justified...girls vs. guys in flip cup and we were winning.

Yesterday, the Deans of the Law Schol put on a BBQ/Luau for us students as well. It was great that they filled the quad with"free" beer and food. Gotta tell ya, that was the best damn $32,000 hamburger I have ever had!

Tonight, our Dean's Fellow is taking our LRW section out for drinks to celebrate the end of the year. This should be 'interesting' to say the least.

I promise, mom, I do actually attend law school to learn and not ONLY to drink. After this, it seriously is time to hit the books. The thoughts of post-exam celebrating will get me through the next three weeks. Happy thoughts of a crawfish boil, a section-wide BBQ, an all 1L end of the year party, and a 30 year aged whiskey tasting shin-dig. (So much happier than Crim. Law:-)

Congrats to the OC boys who seem to be rocking their exams! They both went MIA, so I assume they are done.