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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Pet Peeve # 947

It takes talent to get to work an hour late when I don't even have to get there until 10am!

I get in today and NB tells me I screwed up...I booked a train for him for the wrong day. Um, no, I think you told me the wrong day, but whatever. I knew I was going to have to place a phone call to sort all of it out. Of course, in this day and age, you cannot pick up a telephone, call CUSTOMER SERVICE and actually reach a representative. I try to avoid, at all costs, placing those dreaded phone calls, because I know I am going to get frustrated the minute a stupid recording comes on. (I went as far as to NOT purchase a Dell for this reason.) At least there is progress in the world of transferring/on-hold phone ettiquite. These days, you don't have to wait until all of the options have been read to you to press a button. Plus, you can actually speak what you want, and as long as the recording can understand your accent, you will eventually get to the right person. I call Amtrak and get the really sweet sounding lady recording. I wasn't listening to her because I think she was talking about the holidays or special fares, or trouble at home, or something. I had it on speaker so I didn't have to waste my hands holding the phone. I was SO not in the mood for this. I grunted and said (alound) "Shut up! I really don't care, just put an f-ing person on the phone." At which point, nice recording lady paused, said "I think you said you wanted to speak to a representative. If this is correct say yes or press 1." I actually couldn't say anything...just dumbfounded. R and I laughed so hard we cried. To think, they train their recordings for rude, disgruntled customers!